Colonic Interposition for Concomitant Corrosive Esophageal and Gastric Stricturing


  • Jahangeer Ahmed
  • Muhammad Hasham Ashraf Shalamar institute of health sciences lahore
  • Talat Waseem Shalamar institute of health sciences lahore



case report, esophageal stricture, stricture, dysphagia, corrosive intake, esophagectomy, gastric obstruction


IMPORTANCE The stomach, jejunum, and colon (right, left, or transverse) have all been proposed as potential conduits as a replacement of the esophagus after esophagectomy. We report a case of concomitant esophageal and gastric stricture in which a part of the colon was used for this purpose.

CASE PRESENTATION A 26-year-old female with a history of corrosive intake presented with progressive dysphagia. On barium swallow and endoscopy, concomitant esophageal and gastric stricture was diagnosed. Transhiatal esophagectomy followed by right colonic interposition was performed successfully with excellent post-op outcomes.

DISCUSSION Considering the technical complexity of interpositional procedures, the published rates of morbidity and mortality are highly variable. In experienced hands, construction of colon and jejunal conduits can be performed with good short-term and long-term results.


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