Letter to the Editor; Re: Utilities of Teaching EPAs: Expanding the Scope of EPAs Beyond Clinical Context


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Entrustable Professional Activities


We read with interest a recently published article by Iqbal et al. about the role of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) in imparting skills in the medical field. This letter is a critical appraisal of the role of teaching EPAs in training in medicine and healthcare. The authors have detailed well about the utility of the EPAs and delineated the areas where teaching EPAs can be effective in not only training the clinical trainers but also endorsing their role as a trainer. The authors identified components of EPAs that are vital to the effectiveness of the teaching programs i.e., developing a framework of building teaching skills, reinforcing their personality development, and lastly credentialing the trainers. Teaching EPA frameworks can be used to design structured faculty development programs for specific teaching roles. Expanding the concept of EPAs beyond clinical practice is a unique concept that can revolutionize clinical teaching modalities. (Follow the Fulltext for more)


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Letter to the Editor

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