Laparoscopic Completion Cholecystectomy for Residual Gallbladder: A Case Report and Literature Review


  • Iqra Imtiaz Doctor
  • Muhammad Touseef Asghar



residual gallbladder, postcholecystectomy syndrome, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, completion cholecystectomy, Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography, minimally invasive surgery


IMPORTANCE Gallbladder infection can present with variable severity and in acute settings may compel surgeon to perform a relatively less complex, subtotal cholecystectomy in certain circumstances, which may lead to a residual portion of the gallbladder and associated complications in some cases. The reported incidence of such cases of subtotal cholecystectomy ranges from 0.4 to 3%, out of which 10% develop symptoms and present in healthcare centers with complications such as remnant cholecystitis and reoccurrence of cholecystolithiasis, or even gall bladder carcinoma. Here, we report a case of the residual gallbladder which was subsequently catered through a laparoscopic approach successfully


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